1. Can you explain your vision for this book? What inspired you to write it?

i’ve been a jay-z fan from the beginning. like a real fan. i listen to his music everyday. so my conversations are laced with quotes of his lyrics. you can, no doubt, find a lyric that applies to almost any situation. a little over four years ago i’d started writing the book but it started out as kind of a fan letter. that’s where the current introduction was cut from. i burried that version and the concept kept getting revised to something i thought would be more valuable to readers and the daily affirmations book was born

2. How long did it take? Can you talk to us about the process?

from inception, to the final revision? any day now. i probably will always be editing it as i continue to understand life more. the great thing about this book is that your connection to each day’s affirmation is totally dependent upon where you are in your life. something can be way more meaningful to you next year or 5 years from now than it was last week. it’s all based on how the reader may have been impacted by his or her experiences.

3. Our readers are men of color, can you tell us one thing you want them to take away from reading the book?

i want WWJZD to be a daily reminder to that they are great and each new day is an opportunity to live in their greatness. it’s easy to be good, but bring great required thoughtfulness and intention.

4. What’s next for you?

i want to make sure that i give my first book the attention it deserves to allow it to reach it’s full potential, but if i’m honest ... i have an entire blueprint that should make it clear that this isn’t just a book, it’s a lifestyle.

5. If people wanted to get a copy of the book can you tell us how?

you can purchase a copy of the book online at www.whatwouldjay-zdo.com.

you don’t have to be a jay-z fan to appreciate the content, but it’s also an excellent gift idea.